Control Delivery Robot

Remote control delivery robot has an independent autonomous dispatching system. Multiple robots can be linked to avoid congestion in narrow aisles. It can deliver food to the table efficiently and accurately. After delivery, it will automatically return to the initial position and wait for the next Distribution.


1. Multi-sensor fusion technology, high-precision navigation map construction, with an accuracy of ±5cm.

2. Take the initiative to avoid obstacles and ensure the safety of pedestrians in all aspects

3. Automatically return to charging when the battery is low

Laser SLAM and V-SLAM multi-sensor fusion technology realizes high-precision positioning of robots in indoor navigation and flexible obstacle avoidance

Deliver the goods to the destination according to the planned walking path.

Three-layer tray, can independently plan the optimal delivery path according to the selected table number, saving time and efficiency.

Automatically return to charging          

The robot can customize the location of the charging pile on the navigation map. When the battery is lower than the minimum value, it will automatically charge.

The original robot cloud service platform supports remote connection intelligent control and navigation deployment. You can view the robot's running status in the background of the robot in real time, the robot's emergency stop switch, lidar, battery power, positioning status, etc.

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