The workstation rises and folds vertically within its own footprint, with no need to adjust the surrounding space to accommodate its movement

This sit-stand workstation transforms your current desk or tabletop into an ergonomic workspace, easily and cost-effectively. The height-adjustable standing desk converter sits on your desk to function just like a standing desk, providing a large work surface that holds up to two 27" monitors (or a single monitor u can use us the works surface to keep your documents, tablet, laptop, phones etc ). Move it up or down with one smooth motion, to work in greater comfort and remain productive without disrupting your work while switching from a seated to standing position. 

The sit-stand desk converter comes fully assembled, so you can be up and running quickly.

Change the height of your work surface, effortlessly, form a minimum height of 140 mm to 455 mm, all vertical extension. You simply squeeze the lever at the side, and then move the workstation up or down smoothly, using pneumatic. Its straight up-and-down movement saves space and provides a stable platform as it moves, with no fear of tipping. 


Sized to fit your needs

The sit-stand workstation is conveniently sized for easy integration into your workspace. It’s large enough (975 mm wide) to hold two up to 27” monitors, yet small enough to fit on most desks or other surfaces. Whether you work in an office setting, cubicle, or home office, the sit-stand workstation sits easily on your desk or work surface, and even works well for corner desks. It works well on a variety of surfaces that are 600 mm or more. The work surface supports a weight capacity of  (15 kg).

The desktop workstation also features a large inbuilt keyboard tray, 596 cm wide with plenty of room for personal items like your phone.

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