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Laptop Floor Stand (LPF-A)

Rife Technologies India

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Laptop Desks & Laptop Tables, Notebook Computer Stand, Mobile Workstation, Laptop Mounts & Laptop Arms, Laptop Desks & Laptop Tables

Laptop desk or laptop tables or notebook stand, design for people who love to use Notebook or laptop, placed just beside the sofa, bed or in office area where they love to work in standing position. This notebook computer stand provide an ergonomic and mobile workstation that built comfortable working environment

  1. High quality aluminium structure
  2. Adjustable height 25-89 cm.
  3. Reach every height situation.
  4. Stable flat base,secure safety when in use.
  5. Perfect to use your laptop computer beside sofa, beds
  6. color: silver.
  7. Stylish and Elegant.