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The split saddle seat design maintains the natural shape of the spine, strongly influencing the user to have good posture while sitting and working. The gap allows the tailbone to 'float', minimizing soft tissue pressures and spinal loads. The width of the two halves of the saddle seat are fixed and cannot adjust but the design accommodates most individuals body types.

Salli Back Stretch Allows you to lean back and perform stretching exercises while in your Salli Saddle Chair.

  • The Salli Back Stretch is an exercise aid, NOT a conventional backrest. It will NOT support your back in a upright posture. Your lumbar spine will NOT touch the back pad when you are in a normal working posture.
    • Pivoting back pad is upholstered in durable black leather.
    • Adjusts 4" in height and 4" front-to-back.
  • Correct Spinal Alignment (Improved Posture) - All Salli Saddle Seats are designed to restore the correct alignment of the spine . This is accomplished when the user's pelvis is tipped forward due to the 45  downward angle of the thighs. The forward tilt of the pelvis restores the natural "S-Curve" of the spine, positioning it where it can best provide the support necessary for the torso, neck and head. Traditional chair seats actually force the lumbar portion of the spine outward (creating a 'C-Curve'), exerting unnatural and unsupported stress on the soft tissue muscles and ligaments of the lower back. The improved alignment of the spine which the Salli Saddle Seats promote alleviates or removes that stress, reducing fatigue by enabling those tissues to relax and rest.

A standard hand-controlled height adjustment lever for adjustment of the gas spring lift accommodates most adults. Available lift sizes and the corresponding heights they accommodate are as follows: Short (4'0" to 5'2, Mid (5'1" to 6'1") and Tall (5'8" to 6'5"). The 5-point star base and lift are in an attractive chrome finish.The Salli Chin is is available in either  Black Polyurethane (synthetic leather).


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