As more and more youth are fascinated with the world of Robotics and Artificial intelligence, educational institutions in the Gulf countries have been more inclined towards setting up labs and innovation departments to help students achieve Robot Temi  for Education Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubailearning outcomes.   The development of STEM curriculums at Primary, Secondary and University levels in the India has only helped fuel the desire for robotics in education.

Temi is not only limited to use by  science or STEM students. Due to the ease of use and built in Temi and Alexa virtual assistants, this robot could be used in other disciplines such as Business, Engineering, Architecture, Arts and Humanities as well. Some of the used cases in the educational sector would be as follows:

  • Virtual attendance (telepresence) for students or teachers not able to attend the classes or e-learning environments.
  • Professional development courses using a virtual Robot.
  • Conducting language classes for non-native speakers to improve the proficiency of language.
  • Learning a new foreign language can be effective with specialized Apps running on Temi Robot
  • Children with special needs can use Temi as a teaching aid.
  • Temi can be used to navigate directions and Way finding, Patrolling through remote security etc.,
  • Temi can also provide all the information related to the institutions with an easy to use SDK kit which can be integrated with the back-end ERP systems. The possibilities are endless.


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