😍 Our Outdoor Ultra Bright Trolley Series are a great way to attract new customers & inform the locals what's happening at your venue/business.
✅ Outdoor weatherproof rated
✅ Ultra Bright 5000nits display
✅ Battery option available

✅ Portable trolley for easy placement
✅ Send content via App


Outdoor P4 LED Trailer Screen?, High brightness & high definition Easy to set up and maintain Customized LED Display Screen




As road traffic continues to increase, you can ensure that your mobile trailer LED display is noticed by the large number of people commuting on the roads and driveways. These trailer LED digital screens are perfect for outdoor areas in shopping malls, fairs, historic buildings and places of worship, lounges, and airports. The smaller trailer LED screens are ideal for indoor spaces in shopping malls, public areas, museums, lobbies, events, and large gatherings.

● These trailers LED display can be used for advertising, signage boards, message boards, event calendars, and information announcements for people gathered nearby. With sun protection and a high-resolution UV coating to ensure a long life and optimal display, the larger LED screens display as perfectly as regular indoor displays.

LED screens are more than 50% brighter than conventional display billboards and other visual display solutions, and ordinary products cannot overcome the problems of advertising in strong daylight. 

With their bright and eye-catching display solutions, mobile trailer LED screens can help you promote your messages, advertisements, events on a large scale, day or night. With these trailer LED screens, take advantage of this LED technology and promote your business in a stylish way. You can also synchronize multiple LED screens horizontally or vertically to create a panoramic display experience for your audience

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