Adjustable Stand Up Desk Standing Desk Adjustable Sit Stand Desk for Laptops & Desktops  

How many hours do you spend sitting a day? 2, 4, 6 or more?Our height adjustable sit-stand desks are the perfect solution, allowing you to change regularly between a seated working position to a standing one with ease. Height Adjustable Standing DesksStand Up Desks .Improve your health while you work. Using a stand up desk, which easily adjusts to suit your height, reduces muscle pain and strengthens your core. Choose from our selection of crank, electric, and manual adjustable standing desks for an ergonomic alternative to traditional office furniture

However, some standing desks are definitely better than others-they're either more customizable, more affordable, easily adjustable, bear more weight, or are just better for most workspaces.  At Rife Technologies  we promote active working, which means a combination of both sitting and standing, and trying to encourage employees to be as active as possible.

The benefits of having the option to alternate between seated or standing positions whilst working are endless. Recent studies have shown staff report that by standing just for a couple of hours throughout the day they increase productivity, feel healthier and more focused, and experience a 50% reduction in back pain.

We  are proud to offer an extensive range of sit-stand desks, designed to keep you fit, healthy and more productive while at work. Within our range you will find fixed height standing desks as well as electric height-adjustable desks that offer a true ‘sit-stand’ experience. We also offer laptop stands and notebook gas spring height adjustable tables or workstation in India  for those looking to try working while standing, or for people who spend a lot of time working in different offices and at different desks. Perfectly designed for the home office and office and commercial  environment, we’re sure that our sit-stand desk collection will offer you the exact solution you need.

Here you will find our wide selection of height adjustable electric and manual  table frames. These desk systems can be adjusted manually or electrically depending on the model. Our  systems can be used in combination with virtually any kind of tabletop. In case you do not have a tabletop, you can take a look at our selection of different wooden table tops.The manual ones standing desks are easily height adjustable by means of a hand crank. Using this desk, your posture will change regularly, reducing the strain on your body. This will considerably reduce complaints of the back, neck and shoulders.We  have have gas spring models for height adjustments by hand pedal or foot pedal.

Pneumatic Gas Spring Lift Series Height Adjustable Desk is an economical alternative to an electric adjustable height desk and an obvious choice when electricity is not available. This office desk offers height adjustment via a gas spring that locks. The laminate finish of the desk's surface is tough and durable. It comes in a variety of styles and sizes . Changing positions from sitting to standing is one way to avoid pain caused by remaining in a single position too long while working. The Pneumatic Gas Spring Lift Height Adjustable Desk is a cost effective way to enable users to switch body positions.


Our Electric tables offer below features.


  • Touch-of-a-button adjustment
  • Electrically powered lift system
  • Durable 1.25" high-pressure laminate desktop
  • 80 kg  lifting capacity
  • Height adjustable from 24.5" to 50.5"
  • Twin-lift: each leg has its own motor (1.5-inches/second)
  • Includes cable management channel
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