4m2 solar mobile led trailerModel:R SOLAR) firstly integrates solar, LED outdoor full color screen and mobile advertising trailers together into an organic whole. It directly uses solar energy as power supply which is uninterrupted, safe, reliable, efficient, more conducive to environment and in line with the new energy and energy saving policy, breaking the limits of old power supply mode that needs to find external power supply or generators.

360 degree rotated led screen

Rrotating guide pillars to integrate supporting system and hydraulic lifting and rotation system together which realizes 360 degree rotation with no dead angle, further enhancing communication effect, and is especially suitable for city, assembly, crowded occasion applications such as outdoor sports field.

P4 Outdoor Mobile Led Trailer Display Details:

. Pixel pitch: 4mm outdoor.
. Led screen size : 2.56m x 1.28m.
. Screen brightness: 6000nits.
. Ip grade: IP65 , good for all weather conditions.
. The led screen can be lifted up 1000mm / 330° rotation.

Fashionable appearance, dynamic technology

Instead of the streamline style of previous products, new trailers adopts frameless design with clean and neat lines and sharp edges, fully reflecting the sense of science, technology and modernization. It is especially suitable for traffic conductor, pop show, fashion show, electronic automobile new product release, etc.

Imported hydraulic lifting system, safe and stable

4m2 solar mobile led trailer adopts the imported hydraulic lifting system with 1m travel height and it is safe and stable. The height of LED screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment to ensure that audience can get the best viewing angle

Unique traction bar design

4m2 solar mobile led trailer is equipped with inertial device and hand brake, and it can be towed to move by a car to do broadcast and publicity. The mechanical structure of manual supporting legs is easy and fast to operate.

Solar and battery power supply

4pcs 180W solar panels. For example, the effective time of solar charging is calculated as 5 hours per day. 180*4*5=3600W, this power could last for 1 day. It is sustainable in sunny days with 12pcs 2V 400AH batteries.

4m2 solar mobile led trailers have independent and uninterrupted power supply modes and high performance. It is safe, reliable, stable, noiseless, environmental friendly and not limited by geographical locations.

1. Size: 2700×1800×2300mm, Inertial device: 400mm, Tow bar: 1000mm

2. Outdoor full color energy saving LED screen (P10) size: 2560*1280mm

3. Hydraulic lifting system: Italy imported hydraulic cylinders, travel height 1000m.

4.Power consumption (average consumption) : 50W/m2 (measured).

5. Multimedia video system: Support 4G,U disk, mainstream video formats

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