What Is Naked Eye 3D Display Technology?

When you watch a regular 3D light-emitting diode (LED) screen, you may need special tools to enjoy what you watch. However, you do not need any special equipment to have an awesome viewing experience with the naked-eye 3D display technology.

The naked-eye 3D display technology is one that projects multiple views of an image or video from different angles giving you a regular picture or video with more depth. There’s no doubt that you get to enjoy a breathtaking display and do so with your bare eyes

A New Form of Advertising

3D advertisements are more attractive than traditional 2D advertisements. In addition to attracting the attention of passers-by, 3D advertisements have been exposed twice on social networks due to their unique creativity and excellent visual effects.

According to the results of big data, the three-dimensional advertisement has higher attention and return on investment than the 2D print advertisement

3D advertising breaks people’s aesthetic fatigue of traditional print advertising, and at the same time allows brands to have a more three-dimensional promotion method. 

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The Working Principle of Naked eye 3D LED Display

Essentially, the naked-eye 3D screen utilizes the parallax feature of the human body. There is a certain distance between human eyes. So when we look at an object, each eye has two viewpoints.

When the left and right eyes receive pictures from different positions, the brain defaults that they should overlap and merge. Therefore, the image has a three-dimensional effect and a sense of space.

Indoor/outdoor 3d led screen makes use of people’s visual illusions. With the help of a unique screen installation scheme, the audience can feel the virtual existence in real life.

A normal outdoor 3d LED display consists of two screens with a 90° angle. When the audience stands at the corner of the two screens, they can see the content of the two screens at the same time. With specific animation materials, it can create a strong sense of atmosphere.

2. Why is the naked-eye 3D LED Display popular?

Unlike VR and AR, which require additional equipment to achieve corresponding virtual effects, people do not need to use any equipment such as 3D glasses. The naked-eye 3D led screen allows people to see three-dimensional images with the naked eye.

Glass-free led display is not a new product, but it has gradually become popular in the past two years. In March 2020, an artwork named Wave was unveiled at the SM Building in South Korea. The curved display screen with creative 3d led content and the virtual and real visual effects make people feel novel about it. Subsequently, 3d outdoor led displays quickly became popular and appeared on the exterior walls of commercial buildings in major cities.

There are two reasons for the popularity of naked-eye 3D LED display: its shocking and realistic display effect and the increased marketing investment of advertisers.

Advanced 3D led technology, high-definition high refresh rate led display, customized creative 3D content. The birth of high-quality naked-eye 3D LED displays is inseparable from their help.

High-quality led display has more advantages than traditional banners and slogans in advertising. The naked eye 3d led video wall is more attractive than the traditional two-dimensional led display because of its unique 3D display effect. Therefore, more advertisers have seen its excellent advertising capabilities and increased investment costs. It also allows more people to see the charm of 3d display technology.


4. How to achieve a stunning 3D display effect?

How to get a perfect outdoor 3D LED billboard? To make a beautiful outdoor naked eye 3D LED video wall, you need to consider the following key factors:

High-quality 3D led display

From the aspect of picture quality, the picture of the led display panel with high-definition pixels, high contrast, and HDR is more realistic and delicate, and the video picture conversion is smoother. The naked-eye 3D LED screen with high grayscale and high refresh rate can achieve more realistic 3D effects.

In terms of safety performance, and high reliability, a thin and light outdoor led screen cabinet is necessary. Due to its large area, the load-bearing capacity of the building is crucial.

In addition, the outdoor giant led screen with efficient protection measures can better cope with bad weather. High waterproof, windproof, and shockproof ability will be necessary.

suitable viewing position

Firstly, considering the capital investment of display screens and creative materials, outdoor naked-eye 3D LED video walls are generally built in the center of business districts, intersections, squares, and other places. Its purpose is to expand the coverage of the display.

Secondly, the corners are the best viewing positions. Many solutions make the screen curved at the corners. Human eyes accept the content presented by two screens at the same time, and coupled with the visual difference, the most perfect naked-eye 3D effect can be presented.

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