BellaBot is a Food Delivery Robot . This happened when the pandemic hit across the globe & many Business had to suffer including the Hospitality/Food industry. Most of the staff quit their jobs & moved away & that’s when Hospitality industry started looking out for better solutions to solve the labor shortage problem, but most importantly service robots will not replace human service providers.

Power of BellaBot :

  1. Delivers Food from Kitchen straight to the Customers
  2. Focus on Customers
  3. Once food is ready, chef can place Food on multiple trays to deliver to multiple tables
  4. Once Bella arrives, customers can pick up their own food
  5. Once done, Bella returns to the kitchen waiting to deliver to more customers
  6. Better service, Less staff (yellow part is there in the video)

Pudu Robotics intelligent delivery Robots will even bring joy to people by celebrating guest’s birthday. Customer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and joyful. Children Love it!! 🎉😃

Bella bot robot can carry around five times as much weight as the average staff member, leaving them free to do other important tasks.

Bella has already captured the hearts of the customers, with children, in particular, enthralled and she may soon be delivering dishes straight to people's tables."


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