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      • Who is the target user population, and what are the  characteristics of that population? Depending on the product, those population characteristics might include age, experience, size (height, reach length, weight, etc.), strength, cognitive abilities, sensory abilities (vision, hearing, etc.), or any number of characteristics important to the particular design.
      • What is the intended use, as well as foreseeable uses and mis-uses, for the product? In other words, what tasks or activities will it be used in, and how will this product enhance performance, and protect the user from harm, while performing those tasks?
      • What is the intended environment of use, as well as other foreseeable environments of use? Will the product be operated indoors or out? ? What will the lighting be like in office ? Will there be dirt, dust or other contaminants and are air purifiers require?

Some companies who have implemented Ergonomic Solutions of our company are :

1. GE

2. Mckinsey




6. Exxon






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