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The chair is light and provides great ergonomics at an affordable price.

The unique split saddle design of the Salli chair is designed to promote active sitting and a natural posture. The seat separation reduces pressure which in turn creates much better circulation in the lower limbs and genital area.

This divided saddle stool is designed in Finland by Salli. Made to reduce back pain and sitting fatigue by enabling smooth 360 degree movement. This action allows natural movement as your center of weight changes. Can be used as a regular home or office chair replacement.

A durable and economical task stool for workshops, assembly lines, factories, schools, and supermarkets. Features an easy-to-clean polyurethane saddle-shaped seat. The center groove of the anatomically contoured seat relieves tailbone and genital pressures.

  • Single black polyurethane piece with a groove in the middle
  • Active seat
  • Black gas spring and plastic base, aluminium base available
  • Maximum load 100 kg
  • Chair weight 6 kg
  • Finnish design
  • The chair must not be used or stored in temperatures lower than + 5 °C

Solutions to sitting problems

Sitting on a saddle chair can...

...ease shoulder pain

On Salli you sit like on a horse. The chair directs your body automatically in the natural position, provided that the height of the chair is correctly adjusted. Using a Salli Saddle Chair together with a Salli table helps the neck and shoulder area to relax.

...burn calories

According to several studies, long-time sitting in a stable position is fattening. It is easy to move around on a Salli chair and exercise stomach and back muscles on the active seat.

...diminish the risk of joint problems

Sitting on a saddle chair creates a 135-degree angle between the thighs and the upper body. This is the healthiest way to sit because it improves circulation in the hip and knee joints.

...diminish the risk of erectile dysfunctions

Several studies have been made about impotence among male cyclists. The users of one-part saddle chairs are beginning to experience the same problem. On the two-part Salli it is possible to tilt the hip forward to create the healthy lower back curve, and not feel uncomfortable pressure in the genital area.

...speed up metabolism

When we sit in a slouched position, the intestines get pressed between the hip and the upper body, which slows down bowel movements. It is impossible to slouch on a Salli! rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles

Lots of middle-aged women have problems with their pelvic floor muscles. Sitting on a Salli Swing or Salli SwingFit activates those muscles effectively.

...prevent cellulite

One reason for cellulite is poor blood circulation. On Salli the wide angles in knees and between the thighs and upper body enable good circulation of both blood and lymph in the lower limbs

benefits of Salli

Good Sitting with Salli

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