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Cross LED Display is a kind of fashionable sign and effective advertising tool. Its cross-shaped display body makes it perfectly favorable for the hospital, pharmacy, church and other possible places. This kind of LED Display can show text, picture, video, the real time and temperature, etc. The display color can be single, double and full color. It also has the advantages of high brightness, light weight, stable work hour and low power consumption, therefore, easy to use and maintain.

LED cross displays are commonly used for hospitals, pharmacies, churches, and different kinds of businesses. This pharmacy LED cross display offers you a ways to connect with your customers. It is very useful especially to give a message to the people passing by.

Moreover, this pharmacy LED cross display can use to highlight your opening or closing for your business or provide your customers with information on what product you have available, how much did they pay for you, and more. These displays are programmable and can be easily updated too, which means can adapt to changing trends and customers’ demands.

LED Cross Display Advantages


Our pharmacy LED cross is very eye-catching, can attract people passing by. It can display a variety of animations including time, temperature, date, and text. Our pharmacy cross LED display is perfectly readable even in full daylight and even at night due to the built-in automatic brightness adjustment and there is no light pollution.


We manufactured a pharmacy LED cross display that is waterproof when used in outdoor applications. It is designed always work even in heavy rain and sunlight. We have engineers to plan and manage how our pharmacy LED cross can stay longer in any weather conditions. It has a life span of up to 100000 hours and offers 2 years warranty.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Pharmacross is an out-of-the-box solution that can be installed easily and quickly. No software, no computers, no cables – the plug-and-play installation saves you time and is excellent value for money.
Controlled via a custom-built infrared user handset, our pharmacy LED display does not require the use of additional software to update or edit the content and display.

Great Dynamic
Great Dynamic

The pharmacy LED cross provides great dynamic features to maximally attract clients to your business like drugstores, clinics, hospitals, and more. lt also features light dynamics that you can program and change the light if you want. With uptime and unique low energy consumption even within 24 hours of each use, it delivers bright, noticeable content at all times.


Our pharmacy LED cross display has been used for different practices for many years to illuminate the presence on the street, draw your customers and highlight their position in a locale where they stand in a moment of emergency. NSE pharmacy LED cross display can be seen in a distance at night from different directions.  This pharmacy LED cross display is typically used as the sign has been proven to draw the eyes of your business.

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