• Product Name: Catheter Rack J
  • Model Number: RMACW253J
  • Dimensions: L1336*W459*H2000mm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Racks

1. High-strength aviation aluminum alloy frame, sturdy and durable, knock-down structure, aluminum alloy pillar adopts electrophoresis technology, smooth and shiny surface, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and disinfect, and lasting as new;
2. The catheter rack is equipped with 2pcs 100mm height medicine baskets with PC dividers, and 2 set the catheter shelf on the below;
3. All medicine baskets are equipped with freely adjusted PC dividers, which can be moved horizontally and vertically; the medicine baskets are equipped with 3pcs label cards;
4. The frame body connector is made of high-strength nylon material and durable steel to ensure the load-bearing performance of the frame;
5. The column has a functional slot, which is convenient for installing a variety of accessory brackets, such as catheter guide wire brackets, endoscopic brackets, etc.;
6. 2 sets of catheter holders,  made of stainless steel, using soft closing slide rails, with partitions, convenient for multiple storage without crooking, double-layer enclosures, vertical storage, easy to find.
7. The bracket adopts  three-section silent slide rails, which are smooth and quiet, and can be retracted into place by themselves;
8. Nylon non-slip foot cover, stable and reliable.

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