• Product Name: Cabinet Trolley A
  • Model Number: RMGRS152A
  • Dimensions: L822*W658*H1635mm
  • Material: Artificial stone, ABS

1. Cold-rolled steel welded streamlined cabinet body with electrostatic spraying;
2. PP material sliding door, with ABS sliding groove, smooth sliding and no noise; sliding door can be disassembled for cleaning;
3. Aluminium alloy integrated molding handle, streamlined design, comfortable hand feel, firm and reliable;
4. The interior panels is allowed the medicine basket to be placed in three different angles, which is convenient to be disassembled and cleaned, firm and delicate;
5. The trolley is equipped with 5pcs medicine baskets(L600*W400*H100mm);
6. The trolley is equipped with 6pcs distribution medicine box trays. After unlocking, each tray can be pulled out and taken out as a whole.
Distribution medicine box have the following features:
(1) Sliding transparent cover, easy to check the status of the medicine
(2) The medicine box will not slip off when it is pulled out separately from the tray, and it is safer
(3) The position of the partition can be adjusted for early, mid, late and night (ampoules, tablets, granules, etc.)
(4) The label can be replaced (medicine name, or bed number);
(5) Status toggle button, visual management; Blue lable means undispensed medicine, red lable means dispensed medicine
(6) 6pcs distribution medicine box trays, 6pcs distribution medicine boxes on each tray, 36pcs distribution medicine boxes in all.
7. The medicine basket is equipped with a transparent PC dividers, which can be moved horizontally and vertically; the medicine basket is equipped with 3pcs label cards;
8. Four double-side castors, two with brake;
9. High-strength bottom base with bumper;
10. Cam lock
Optional accessories:
1.Stainless steel wire basket
2.Catheter holder
3.50mm or 200mm ABS transparent medicine box

Product Optional Accessories

1.Interior panel
2.Stainless steel wire basket
3.Catheter holder
4.ABS transparent medicine box
5.PC transparent divider
6.Digital lock

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