Laptop Storage Carts and Tablet  Laptop  Chromebook Charging Carts

Its  a recharge/storage unit for notebook/netbook/tablet/Apple ipad (mobile charging station) The system has programmable timer to set recharge phases of the devices. Trolley has two front doors (closed by a safety lock with unique key) for access to the devices’s compartment and two behind doors (closed by a safety lock with unique key) for access to the recharge compartment.
Extra Drawer for teacher's use with an electrical point .The cart is a trolley easy-to-use and easy-to-move with four wheels with brake and  ergonomic aluminium handle.
It  two fans for forced air circulation and loopholes for natural air circulation.Electrical units can be powered through the Power Management System-power sequencer, which regulates the power and allows all devices to charge from a single outlet.
Room provided on the top shelf for a work platform or for use with printers, projectors and scanners.

  1. 32/36/40 devices  Cart  capacity options  
  2. Dimensions  1130*580*950mm approx for laptop , for tablets can be smaller 
  3. Cooling vent on both front and rear doors for air circulation purpose.
  4. 5" Smooth rolling wheels with brake locks to provide added control and portability.
  5. The handle customer for moving the cart
  6. Room provided on the top shelf for a work platform or for use with printers, projectors, and scanners.
  7. Drawer (retractable ) provided in cart
  8. Power sequencer for charging all devices  through power cycling and give charge one by one in 1 second and power switch for power protector (basically for protection of tablets ) ,and smart timer for setting charging time.
  9. (like when to switch on  and off)  
  10. For power strip, we will use universal sockets mounted well in the backside for customer..The laptop  adapters can be connected to the power adapters strip installed on rear side for charging

Input voltage

AC 100-240V

Output voltage

DC 5V/2.1A

Maximum load



 (32 / 36 or 40 total)


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