BellaBot – the cat like expression food delivery robot for casual dining restaurants and KettyBot – the Robot hostess and delivery robot for small format restaurants and coffee shops and disinfection robot for health care sectors. Rife Technologies., have introduced yet another product called “HolaBot” to their growing portfolio of Robots in the Healthcare and Hospitality sectors.

When we look at healthcare scenarios of Hospitals and large clinics, the operations are usually too complex. Employees and customers who are not from the industry may find it difficult to comprehend and overwhelming too. Hospitals are usually housed in large buildings with multiple departments comprising of patient wards, labs, treatment rooms, consulting rooms, operation theatres, stores, pharmacies etc. Depending upon the nature and specialization there is constant move of medical supplies across the departments. Medical staff personnel and the patients are in a constant state of need to collect/shift medical items from one place to another. Usually, these are manual and monotonous work for a number of helpers and health care workers who are involved in these mundane activities on a daily basis. Viola!! The whole manual process of moving various objects can be automated using the “HolaBot” – the delivery robot.


Holabot is a Smart Delivery Robot which innovatively applies autonomous mobile robot to the Healthcare industry. Equipped with large capacity, high carrying capacity and gesture recognition + voice control module, HolaBot can largely improve the turnaround efficiency in any hospital environment.


“HolaBot” is an Intelligent COBOT (co-working Robot) used to shift medical supplies ( 60Kg) from one place to another in a single operation. If you think of it…… It is just not possible to achieve this feat consistently through manual labour day after day! Calling the robot to a desired location, collection and sending the robot to a predefined location can be done very efficiently and this would reduce the huge burden on the workforce. The standby helpers can empty the robot at the designated area and set the robot free for the next batch of pick up. It can be used as an indoor courier serving the staff, patients and visitors round the clock (24x7) operation with a swappable battery. This process will no doubt improve the efficiency. Apart from this, the Hospitals will be able to accommodate and serve more customers during the busy and peak hours. Obviously, this will result in great customer satisfaction, less fatigue in terms of helper staff who will continue to enjoy good health and be more productive, reduced dependency of the Manual/contractual staff, improve the revenue, reduce wastage, reduce overall cost and increase the profitability of the organization.


This versatile robot has a 60Kg carrying capacity, volume of 120L, 4 large-capacity trays and it gives the team a much better turnover. In addition, it transfers goods ( medical supplies) from the place of origin to the designated collection area with contactless delivery, helping to improve efficiency. Any of the trays can be detached and the five levels can be flexibly adjusted in order to customize the holding area depending on the needs.


HolaBot comes with pager function, allowing you to call and assign tasks to the robot at any time.


Usually, the helpers or cleaning staff have hands that are dirty & wet as they encounter food leftovers on the table. Hence there is no need to touch the buttons of the Robot. This is possible due to the use of contactless technology.


"Hola Hola" voice recognition, a 6-array omnidirectional microphone for the robot to locate sound source in real time and turn around intelligently makes it convenient for the manual staff as well as clients.


IPX5 waterproof inner cabin can effectively resist various liquid splashes in the working environment and keep the machine body clean.



Dimensions: 541mm×531mm×1226mm
Weight: 60Kgs
Robot Material: ABS/Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
Charging Time: 4.5 hrs
Battery Life: 10-24 hours (Swappable Battery)
Cruise Speed: 0.5-1.2mt/sec Adjustable
Capacity of Single Shelf: 15Kg
Shelf Dimension: 475mm x 400mm
Standard Shelf Height: 228mm/198mm/198mm/190mm (Top down)
Waterproof Rating: IP 67
CommunicatioN Scheme: LoRa Ad Hoc Network Communication Scheme
Suitable for Space: 3000m2
LCD Screen Size: 1.3” TFT LCD Screen
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