Robots for retail

What would it look like to go to a showroom , and find a robot, that provides you with service?

Robots continues to lead #innovation, in the retail industry, within order to reduce repetitive tasks for store employees, and make more time for personal contact with the customers

Robots as shopping guide!


The retail sector has been facing several challenges for quite some time. Many retail organisations struggle to find and retain qualified personnel. This shortage has various causes, including increasing work pressure and employees leaving the industry. As a result, there is less and less personal attention given to customers.

Our robots provide a solution to these problems: they acting as valuable shop assistants that guide visitors to products, highlight special offers, collect customer feedback and more. By working side by side with robots, retail teams are bringing about a refreshing change. They're creating a shopping environment that's innovative, interactive, efficient, customer-centric and ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction.

As we embrace this innovative technology, we want to assure everyone that our vision is not about replacing humans but rather about enhancing and complementing their capabilities. Human touch and expertise are invaluable in any industry, and the integration of robots is about freeing up time and resources for employees to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional customer service.


Temi Robot can be applied in retail stores, speciality stores, Gas stations, convenient stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets as one of the Omnichannel touchpoints in the customer journey. Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions DubaiWith easy to use SDK kits, Temi can be integrated easily with any Point of Sales application and the back-end ERP for fetching real-time store information such as:
• Product/Store information
• Product pricing
• Check store inventory
• In store marketing & Promotion
• Loyalty membership
• Conduct a survey
• Lead generation
• Way finding & Patrolling
• Point of Sale
• Product identification
• Kiosk functionality
• Virtual sales promotion
• Click and collect and many more...

01. What is a Temi robot in the retail?

The Temi robot is a sophisticated, autonomous robot designed to perform various tasks and interact with humans in a retail environment. It combines mobility, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition technologies to provide assistance and enhance customer experiences.


02. How does the Temi robot work in the retail sector?

In the retail sector, the Temi robot operates as a helpful assistant, providing information, guiding customers, and facilitating interactions. It uses sensors and cameras to navigate through the store, avoiding obstacles and identifying people. Through voice commands or touch screen interaction, customers can communicate with the robot and ask for assistance.


03. What can the Temi robot do in a retail store?

The Temi robot in a retail store can perform a range of tasks. It can provide information about products, store promotions, and locations within the store. It can guide customers to specific sections or products. The robot can also process payment transactions and issue receipts. Additionally, it can engage in simple conversations, answer frequently asked questions, and offer personalized recommendations.

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