Transparent LED displays are a big hit in the automotive industry, pushing brand awareness,customer experience and attract regards to the showroom!


The transparent LED display is installed behind the windows.

How to make the stores cool, adverting and eye-catching ? Patented technology, 3D-SMT transparent stripe LED display for the big name. The clear led screens are installed behind the regular front windows. It can show vivid videos and advertising as solid LED screens but without blocking of the light and sight to inside of the store.

The transparent LED display can be installed behind the industrial tempered glass to make a glass facade to a digital video wall. Facade video can be customized as well. The patented 3D-SMT transparent LED display is with fine pixel pitch, high resolution, high brightness and high transparency.

The applications are versatile and limitless like such as retail windows, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, museums, financial institutions, trade shows, events, festivals, media architecture, glass curtain walls, building architectural lighting, and so much more

Digital facade to have 3D effect window advertising will be a good solution for retail stores or other brands to get more traffic, more attention. As the clear led screen is with fine pixel pitch, you could make amazing content to make your windows vivid, eye-catching. The black color in transparent LED screen will be shown as invisible, the content creator can make cool content and makes the windows a flow.


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