Intelligent Thermometry Disinfection (intelligent facial recognition type) Sanitisation Tunnel is used for epidemic prevention and detection in high-flow and highly crowded areas. The Sanitisation Tunnel will be installed at the Main Gate. While a visitor passes through it he is sprayed with a disinfectant solution coming out of a high-pressure air compressor. It can conduct non-contact infrared temperature detection via facial recognition and hand washing-free disinfection for people passing through. Meanwhile, Sanitisation Tunnel makes surface spray on people, pets, goods and other objects for atomization disinfection in 360° all-round way. If the temperature is detected as abnormal, the voice alarm function will give an audible and visual alarm to remind the guard to conduct the second screening. Set up a this Sanitisation Tunnel to the Hospital/Home /Shop/Office/ Factory/ campus/Ground/Airport and many more for sanitizing visitors. The equipment adopts food-grade safe disinfectant, 100% harmless to human body and the disinfectant operates by adding liquid automatically. Spray time can be adjusted as needed. The equipment has casters, is more flexible and convenient to move with the change of places. Sanitisation Tunnel is scientific, safe , and eautiful in design with the function of automatic collection of effluent. It is also with the characteristic of environmental protection.

Sanitisation Tunnel

  • It is specially equipped with hand disinfector in the thermometry area. Noncontact induction spraying is safe and hygienic and can effectively sterilize hands.
  • A carpet containing disinfectant is placed in the middle of the disinfection channel, which can sterilize the soles of people passing through.(in model RP01)
  • The equipment has two sets of universal brake casters and two sets of directional brake casters, which can be moved lexibly and reduce the storage space. Tyres are made from Nylon tread, thus being able to adapt to various road conditions. The place of use can be changed at any time as per your demand, and it doesn’t need transportation for hanging the place of use in a short distance.(in model Rp01)


  • Dimension (mm): 600 (L) * 1000 (W) * 2250 (H)
  • Package dimension (mm): 750 (L) * 1150 (W) * 2450 (H)
  • Service voltage: AC220V
  • Rated power: 900W
  • Noise upon use: <36dB
  • Rainproof function: The equipment shell is rainproof.
  • Material of equipment body: High-quality galvanized steel plate, outdoor special plastic powder coating on surface
  • Service environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃(it can’t be used when the temperature is below 0℃, as the disinfectant freezes and can’t be atomized.)
  • Spray control method: Microwave induction start, delay stop (adjustable for 5-15s delay)
  • Spray efficiency: 3-6L/H
  • Waiting time for spray disinfection: 15 seconds is recommended (customize according to requirements, without mandatory control for the equipment)
  • Disinfectant tank capacity: 20L
  • Disinfectant type: It is recommended to use 50-100ppm hypochlorite disinfectant and 80-150ppm chlorine dioxide diluted solution. Such strong acid-base disinfectants as 84, bleaching water and hydrogen peroxide are Forbidden to use.
  • Hand disinfection method: Induction spray in independent area, washing-free aqueous disinfectant
  • Human body induction mode: Microwave detection
  • Temperature sensing mode: Original intelligent thermometry system for living facial recognition
  • Spectral range: 8-14um
  • Temperature collection distance: 20-50cm
  • Temperature collection location: Face
  • Temperature collection precision: ≤ 0.5 ℃
  • Temperature detection output: Automatic voice broadcast
  • Temperature collection time: 1-2s
  • Temperature display panel: 5-inch LED screen
  • Temperature collection range: 34~45℃
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