Product SKU: RP30-A

The Tablets/Laptops Plug-in Charging Cart (PDU) is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the charging and storage process for 15.6" tablets or laptops. This high-quality charging cart is the perfect addition to educational institutions, corporate environments, healthcare facilities, and any organization that relies on multiple tablets or laptops for daily operations.

Charging multiple tablets/laptops has never been easier. With its generous capacity, the cabinet allows you to charge several devices simultaneously, ensuring they are ready for use whenever you need them. No more worrying about finding outlets or dealing with messy cables – this cabinet offers a neat and organized charging solution. Our charging cabinet also incorporates intelligent charging technology, so each tablet receives the optimal power it needs, preserving battery life and minimizing energy consumption. You can rest assured that your tablets are charging efficiently and safely.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Tablets/Laptops Charging Cabinet features a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for various environments, such as classrooms, offices, and homes. Moreover, the cabinet provides excellent ventilation, preventing overheating during the charging process. Your tablets will charge securely without any risk of damage or performance issues.


  • Power Supply Performance: It operates at AC 200V~240V 50Hz 10A(MAX), offering a maximum power output of 2200W.
  • Heat Dissipation System: To ensure optimal performance and safety, the cabinet is equipped with two forced-exhaust cooling fans.
  • Durable Build: Made from a combination of cold-rolled steel and flame-retardant ABS material, the RP30-A ensures durability and fire safety.
  • High Charging Capacity: Equipped with a powerful Power Distribution Unit (PDU), this charging cart can simultaneously charge multiple devices at their optimal charging rate. With multiple power outlets and charging cables neatly organized, users can rest assured that their devices will be fully charged and ready for use at any time.


Model No: RP30-A
Product Type: RP30-A(Strip Insertion)
External Dimensions: W630 x D660 x H1075(mm)
Number of Workstations: 30-BIT
Workstation Size: W38 x D410 x H275(mm), Suitable for 15.6" Tablets or Laptops
Power Supply Performance: AC 200V~240V 50Hz 10A(MAX)
Maximum Product Power: 2200W
Heat Dissipation Systems: Forced-Exhaust Cooling Fans x 2
Net Weight: 66KG
Product Material: Cold-Rolled Steel + Flame-Retardant Abs
Adapter Storage Position: 540 x 120 x 80(mm)
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